~ We play gongs for mind•body wellness ~

Who we are

We are The Conduit, a team of musicians who perform live the art of-‘sound-meditation’ for audiences to align, & ~find balance within~

Sounds good

We utilize Gongs, singing bowls, and positive intention to decrease mental distraction, allowing the body the chance return to its natural resonance.

Our mission

Our mission is to Gong The World! Beginning with individual wellness and peace, our instruments provide for automatic meditation & relaxation.

Book us now

The nature of sharing the gongs brings The Conduit Crew all over the New England and the northeast of the US. Our wish is to share this with you.

Discover more – Who is “The Conduit”


Check out image galleries featuring THE CONDUIT performing at various event types.


Our partners include Colleges, Yoga Studios, Corporations, Music Venues, and Health stores & services.



There are few experiences locally that could match what the folks at Conduit Center provide. Not only do they love what they do, they are genuinely interested in helping others find peace through their music and find joy in offering the services they do. We are so fortunate to have them in our back yard. If you have never been to one of their gong concerts, you are missing out on one of the most unique experiences offered. Give them a try! –

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